From Ocean Waste to Non Woven Fiber

Jhanji Textiles is committed to manufacture non woven material that helps the environment. Our major range of Non Wovens Interlining Fabric is manufactured from Polyester. This Polyester is the recycled one that is made from the thread derived from recycling of PET bottles.

Nowadays with the increasing recycling technologies, all the PET waste is converted to flakes wherein these flakes are passed through hot molten resulting in thread. Our non woven fabric range is made from these recycled polyester fiber. Our fabrics adheres to higher standards of durability, having high tensile strength.

Every year millions of plastic enter the oceans. This plastic add up to the ocean garbage. If required steps are not taken this plastic will increasingly impact our ecosystems and economies. But conforming to the dire need of actions to manage this environmental imbalance, now all the suitable and viable steps are being undertaken to collect this plastic trash from the ocean and transforming it into feasible products. The engineering team has initiated and designed long term durable and sustainable plastic retention methods and will test the updated features thus paving the way to full scale clean up of the plastic garbage from the ocean.

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