Eco-Friendly Needle Punched Felts

Felt Loom is a revolutionary device that is providing extensive opportunities for Textile Industry. It is a machine that creates high quality fabric of any fiber or of the combination of different fibers. The Non Woven Fabric that is manufactured using the needle punched technique is soft with high level of permeability. The other features of the Needle Punched Non Woven Felt manufactured at Jhanji Textiles are that they are durable, resistance to shrinkage.

Our fabrics being manufactured from PET waste are environmental friendly (eco-friendly). A large proportion of our Non Wovens is made from 100% recycled PET bottles. These polyester based fibers are very cheap alternative to fabric.

These felts are used in various industries like Filtration Industry. Because of its great strength in absorbing dust they are excellent for air filtration. As they can be easily molded into car components they are widely used in car boot carpet making.

Modern Needle Loom Felts operates with continuing felt transport. For viable needling a) Batt Feeding b) Needling Zone  c) Felt delivery are the processes that provide optimal solution. This three dimensional intermingled structure fulfills the requirements of Geotextiles.  

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